We know as an organisation, you have big ambitions and are passionate about changing the world for the better. How would it feel to know it’s possible to create a new income stream that can fund all of your ideas, helping you fulfil your social mission? As a non-profit organisation with 15 years experience in social enterprise, we are here to make that a reality for you!

We have curated our 3-step Income Generation Programme just for you, to enable you to understand your organisation's sustainability model, equip you with all the skills you need to create and launch your very own profitable social enterprise and, start generating a new income stream quickly.

Throughout the programme, our experienced instructors will be there with you every step of the way, guiding you to be the best entrepreneur you can be, helping you develop both professionally and personally and ultimately, ensuring you reach your goal of launching the most profitable social enterprise for your organisation. 

If you are ready to step into your power, then join us today! We can't wait to see the magic you will create and the even bigger impact you'll make.


  • Start date:

    You are able to choose a start date that meets your priorities. Once you have booked the programme, we will have a discussion to confirm a start date that works best for you

  • Duration:

    A 12-week programme, with a recommendation of four weeks per step. We have also created self-paced options to suit a range of lifestyles.

  • Programme structure:

    Each of the three steps consists of four modules (one module per week) divided into lessons. Estimated time required: three hours per week

  • Format:

    You will benefit from one welcome call, 1-1 time with our head instructor, group coaching, easy-to-follow guides with activities to complete with your teams, live webinars, Q&A sessions and entry to our Facebook community

  • Flexibility:

    We will work collaboratively with you to create a personalised plan for the programme that works for you and fits into your lifestyle. We are here to work around you and make the process as easy as possible

  • Payment:

    A total of $399, which works out at just $133 per step. We know investing the full fee at once can be pressurising, so we have created payment plan options just for you. Read on for more details

  • Accountability:

    Our instructors are here to help you succeed. We will keep you accountable, ensure you stay motivated and see you through all the way to the launch stage!


If you are thinking about booking our 3-Step Income Generation Programme but are interested in hearing more about the specifics of the offering, then tune into our FREE trial session!

In this 1 hour session, you will have the opportunity to hear from our head instructor and have all of your questions answered. We will be sharing an overview of the programme and you will get a chance to join like-minded peers around the globe to fully engage in peer learning and get an insight of what joining our programme would be like! Please note: this is a weekly event open to everyone interested in learning more about our online training offer so feel free to share it with your colleagues so they can also join!


Being able to empower people far and wide to have the skills to succeed is at the heart of all we do. So to ensure our programme is accessible for all types of organisations and professionals, we have created a number of payment options for you, with flexible plans if required.

Option 1: Save $78 when you pay in one installment. On enrolling, pay the full sum of the programme upfront at a total cost of $399. This works out at just $133 per step and $7.50 per hour. With costs this low it really is a no brainer!

Option 2: If you'd prefer to pay in installments, we have just the solution for you. We've created a 3-step $477 payment plan to ensure flexibility and ease: pay $159 on enrolling, $159 at the beginning of Step Two and a final payment of $159 when starting Step Three.

We’re passionate about honesty within our community and reassuring you that you're getting the best value for your money. There are endless benefits with our 3-step programme: you’ll also get two live sessions with our head instructor, which would usually cost $100 per hour, 1-1 mentoring, peer support and exposure to other like-minded individuals.  There's really no better time to invest in our programme, so what are you waiting for?!

The programme fee is per person. For multiple bookings or group discounts and training, please get in touch with us at


  • We are a world leader in entrepreneurship education, financial sustainability and business development

  • We have a proven model for experiential entrepreneurship, so our programme will teach you our key success factors

  • Become a part of our supportive community full of like-minded, passionate individuals around the world

  • Learn from our experienced and friendly instructors and benefit from our 15 years of experience in training and consultancy

  • Benefit from 1-1 time with our head instructor


'This Course was a perception changer for me; I haven't had any lessons like this one before now'

Stella, Program Director Odyssey Educational Foundation Nigeria

The course has been quite helpful and I like the fact that after each lesson you take a decision of what to keep doing, what to stop and what to continue doing, it helped me take decisions needed to help my enterprise. The lesson was structured in a manner that the exercises were also guided so you do not fall off track. Overall I have a better understanding of how to work with my team and start my enterprise with all the vigor needed to excel.

'The course was, and I hope will continue to be, a terrific source of guidance for our project'

Kathy, General Director of the Madagascar School Project

The course worked as a very appropriate and helpful kick start for us to begin to look systematically at how to move forward. It gave us excellent ways to understand the path ahead and to begin formulating questions and ways to check in with the community to really understand the needs that we are trying to address. It was, and I hope will continue to be, a terrific source of guidance for our project.

'The course has equipped me with some basic tools which are important for taking decisions'

Deepak, Director of Equality Empowerment Foundation India

The course has equipped me with some basic tools which are important for taking decisions pertaining to raising the financial health of a social enterprise. Most tools are participatory and can be helpful to improve team knowledge also.


  • Exclusive access to our instructors via email & instant message

  • Group coaching session to determine team strategy

  • Quizzes at the end of each lesson and self-reflection questions to support your learning

  • Discussions with like-minded peers from around the world within online community

  • Exclusive live masterclass with experienced social entrepreneur, our founder and CEO Nik Kafka


If you are interested in joining us or have any questions on the programme, email us at


Paola Fatur - Senior Manager & Coach

Paola is the Senior Manager of School Enterprise Challenge (Global) at Teach A Man To Fish. She has more than 7 years' experience supporting non-profits and education organisations across Latin America and Africa to design and implement business plans for financial sustainability. 

Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Paola worked for three years as a consultant in international projects, delivering training and workshops and supporting project roll outs. Paola is a qualified coach and holds a degree in Business Administration and an Expert Degree in Project Coordination for International Development.


Nik Kafka is the Chief Executive and founder of Teach A Man To Fish. Under his stewardship over 300,000 young people have benefitted directly from Teach A Man To Fish programmes across Africa, Asia & Latin America. Honoured as a Young Global Leader in 2009 by the World Economic Forum, he was named in 2011 as one of Devex's 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders in London.

Christine Moser is the MEL and Consultancy Services Manager at Teach A Man To Fish. She has 8 years' of experience in supporting non-profits and educational institutions to improve financial sustainability and educational quality in face-to-face and remote programmes worldwide.

James Love is the Regional Director for Africa at Teach A Man To Fish and is based in Kampala, Uganda. Since 2014, James has helped the team to grow operations in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania and has a range of experience in designing and managing educational programmes, business development and monitoring and evaluation.


If after enrolling, you decide the programme isn’t for you, you will be entitled to our 14-day money back guarantee. This is available to redeem for both payment options. Please get in touch via if you require this.

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